About Nimble Tours

Nimble Tours creates professional multimedia tour guide apps for mobile devices. You provide the tour content and we provide the techno-magic to convert that content into a must-have interactive app for tourists and visitors.

At Nimble Tours we believe passionately that mobile devices are a hugely important source of information for people in general and specifically for visitors. Travel and tourism apps are particularly attractive because of the GPS, mapping and multimedia capabilities of the phone can combine to replace bulky tour guides, flimsy pamphlets and web sites that are difficult to access and hard to use on the mobile. Validation of the popularity of travel apps can be seen from the fact that they account for 6% of all apps on the the iPhone App Store.

We encourage you to call us to hear how you can use Nimble to get you and your tour content mobile using the simplest, most economic and most flexible service on the market today.