Nimble Tours' business model is built around the provision of mobile apps for destination marketing purposes. We have four main benefits compared to other app vendors in this space:

We work offline

Most tourists will have data roaming turned off because they fear operator charges. Even if it is turned on there is no guarantee that the visitor can get a data connection. Online apps require data connections and simply do not work or provide very limited information without a connection (some don’t even provide mapping!). Nimble Tours is different - we have built our app framework to handle these scenarios and provide all core app capabilities with or without a data connection.


We tell stories

Many destination marketing apps deliver text and image descriptions for points on a tour or trail. We dont believe that this adds much to the visitor experience and we think these visitors look for and deserve better. Nimble Tours has the ability to narrate stories giving them a richer and more engaging experience which they will recommend and repeat.

The app is brandable!

With Nimble Tours each destination can have its own app, it's own branding, it's own sponsorship, and it's own search tags in the app store. All of this makes it easier for tourists to find the app and assures them of the quality of the content contained in the app.


The other bits:

  • Built-in multimedia capabilities (including audio, video, imagery and slideshows)
  • Custom mapping incl Ordanance Survey maps integration (again important for offline and rural applications)
  • Built-in directions to trail head and between points of interest
  • Ability to access supplementary information about an attraction or itinerary – for example it would be possible to accommodate safety information in this way.
  • Ability to contact listed businesses and attractions directly from the app
  • Handsfree/Heads-up touring which delivers an audio-prompt to a user when they are close to a POI. Also allows for multimedia content to be played automatically when the user enters the zone.
  • Customisable category listings allowing the app to list places to eat, places to stay, local services etc.
  • GPS integration shows the users current location